about HEMA

about HEMA

HEMA is an international retail organisation with stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. Customer-friendly and with a unique profile, HEMA distinguishes itself from other retailers by selling its own brand. In addition, HEMA develops its own assortment and likes to surprise customers with timely offers of products for daily use. HEMA products are typically convenient, practical and attractive and of good quality.

the organisation

HEMA is a centrally managed company. It consists of the Headquarters, the Distribution Centre and Sales. In total HEMA has approximately 10,000 employees - 80% women and 20% men. The average age of a HEMA employee is 35.
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distribution centre

The logistic heart of HEMA is located in Utrecht and has a surface area the size of 13 football fields. This is where the (inter)national shipments arrive and from where the products are sent to the stores in time. Approximately 250 million articles are processed annually.


At HEMA the customer always comes first. This formula is expressed in a wide assortment of products, low prices and a high degree of self-service in the stores.  

a real HEMA product

All products are developed at Headquarters. Safety always comes first at HEMA, which is why all products are tested in HEMA’s test laboratory. Nothing goes on sale before it meets strict HEMA requirements. Likewise, much attention is paid to the quality of the products. If a product fails to please the customer, the motto ‘Not satisfied - money back’ applies. The customer is refunded. That is the real HEMA.

not searching, but finding

The shops exude simplicity and are conveniently organised. The assortment is continuously updated to guarantee the unique HEMA formula. There are many possibilities for expansion - the number of HEMA stores increases monthly.

socially responsible

HEMA plays an active role in society and is close to the man in the street. We accept our responsibility towards society and strive to find the right balance between people, the environment and running a successful company. We want to make a positive difference not only in the lives of our employees and customers but also in the world around us. This is what we have always done and will remain doing.
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story HEMA

During the great economic crisis of the 1920s, HEMA came into existence as a dream: wouldn't it be a fantastic idea to open a store catering specially to people with a limited budget? Are you also curious about what HEMA stands for in the 21st century? Read the whole story.
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home brand
long before this term was invented, HEMA created and manufactured her own products
HEMA’s products
become available only after they have been extensively tested by our experts
CSR policy
Corporate Social Responsibility is central to all our business operations
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